Hi! My name is Coralie and this blog is my own creative space. It’s an online cupboard to gather the creative ideas that live in my head and my house. I’m particularly interested in DIY, baking and crafts, so you will surely find topics about them in the future. I’m also trying to learn myself to sew and draw. I post my own projects on this blog, but I will certainly save some space for my inspirations and for artists/bloggers/projects I like.

A few things about me:

1. I’m 25, I try to combine an interesting day job with a lot of dreams about crafts, baking, music and more. Yes, I do have a social life 🙂 I’m a busy bee but I would never want to change that!
2. I have a cat, Sputnik. He is grey and fluffy and very adventurous. He needs a lot of attention and playtime but other than that he is really sweet. I guess there must be a bit of a crazy cat lady somewhere inside me.
3. I have a boyfriend, we live together for some years now and it still works wonderfully well 🙂
4. I love to try out new craft supplies, methods and projects. I have a special love for paper and for drawing. I love paint, stamps, washi tape, and I could go on like this for a while!
5. I play the piano and I try to learn myself the guitar.

September (5)


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