Final update 24 going on 25 list

I turned 25 two weeks ago! Time for a final update. You can find the original list here.

I’m a bit disapointed. There are a lot of items I missed. I can learn soms lessons for next years list, though.

– Make your goals as concrete as possible: what is ‘crazy’? When are you a good loser in games? How much decluttering do you have to do before being happy?

– Small goals are goals too.

1. Find a job (a steady one, no short-term interim)  – X
I did a rather long interim and am doing one now, but still haven’t found a really steady job.
2. Start a course or study –  V
Sewing lessons! Posts about my sewing adventures will surely follow!
3. Go on a travel-adventure  -V
Yes, I went hiking in Sweden!
4. Sing in a close harmony group  -V
Yes, 2014 was the year in which I started a Close Harmony group with 2 friends. We are still learning and rehearsing, but we hope to give our first concert in 2015!
5. Go to 1 or more music festivals  -V
I went to the ‘Gentse feesten’
6. Go to the theater or opera at least 3 times  -X
I went to the opera and to the theater once.

7. Read 20 books -X

17/20: (1) Terry Pratchett – Lemen voeten, (2) Peter Haugen – De kleine geschiedenis voor dummies, (3) Eric Chaline – Dwaze voorspellingen (Historische blunders), (4) Terry Pratchett – Berevaar, (5-9) Douglas Adams – 5x The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy, (10) Mark haddon – The curious incident of the dog in the night-time, (11) Jane Austen – Pride and prejudice, (12) CS Lewis – The Lion, the Whitch and the Wardrobe, (13) Deflo – Kortsluiting, (14) Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby, (15) Gretchen Rubin – The happiness project,
(16) Leo Bormans – The world book of happiness, (17) Harper Lee – To Kill a Mocking Bird

Almost made it! 🙂

8. Make presents for friends and family myself (or give things away) but never buy presents  -X
The problem with this one is that it turned out being a bit too vague, and making presents isn’t always easy. Problems tend to emerge with wishlists, for example. Next year, I will try and make some presents myself, without wanting to do this for every single occasion.
9. Host a dessert-theme-party  -V
Yes, did that! 3 friends came around, and since it was raining that day, we had a lot of dessert and a good chat in the living room.
10. Do 52 crazy, impulsive things  -X
Again, this goal turned out being a lot too vague. Wat is a crazy, impulsive thing?
11. Make or pimp 5 garnments  -X
No, but that’s why I’m following sewing lessons! 2015 will bring improvement 🙂
12. 100 things challenge   -X
It is now several months that there are two big boxes with stuff to give away. Selecting what to get rid of is easy, giving away is the hard part. Who are you giving to? Is trashing it ok? I don’t like trashing my stuff 🙂
13. Learn to be a good loser when playing games with bf  -X
Well, I’ve improved. But again a bit vague! When am I a good loser?
14. Quit facebook  -X
I’m planning to quit 1/1/2015. I still have doubts, though. Will I be invited to the parties? …
15. 1 full sketchbook  -X
I really want to sketch more in 2015!
16. Make photo’s of all important friends  -X
And make more photo’s!
17. Practice piano and guitar (and learn some popular songs)  -V
Yup! And keeping up the good work!
18. Show my talents (music, crafts, ..)  -V
Yes, I started this blog and played piano in front of a public several times.
19. Learn to act  -X
No, my time besides work is limited and I had to choose. This year, I chose to learn to sew, for example.
20. Volunteer in an organization  -V
21. Declutter  -X
Again, this is a bit too vague
22. Make ‘business cards’ for my ice cream blog  -X
No, something to think of in 2015!
23. Host a crafternoon  -X
No, but I still really want to do this!
24. 1 internet free day per week  -X
I admit, it is hard 🙂


My alternative christmas tree

Just like last year, having a classic christmas tree wasn’t really an option. Our cat would be increadibly interested and the tree would probably survive for only – say – 5 minutes. This was last years solution. My solution this year is a minimalistic one!

Net als vorig jaar was een klassieke kerstboom voor ons geen optie. Onze kat zou geweldig geïnteresseerd zijn en de boom zou waarschijnlijk nog geen 5 minuten overleven. Dit was de oplossing vorig jaar. Mijn oplossing voor dit jaar is een erg minimalistische kerstboom!



I made paper snowflakes, too! I had a lot of fun making them and experimenting, you never really know how the result will be. This is a good tutorial. Try making more complicated and more detailed variations!


Ik maakte ook papieren sneeuwvlokken! Het was heel fijn om ze te maken, je kan experimenteren en variëren zo veel je wil. Verder weet je nooit zeker hoe het resultaat zal zijn, wat wel spannend is. Dit is een goede tutorial. Probeer meer gedetailleerde en ingewikkelde variaties te maken!



Christmas cards

Merry Christmas!
I had a lot of fun making christmas cards! I made a list of supplies at the bottom of this post.
‘Prettige feesten’ means as much as ‘Happy holidays’.

Een heerlijke kerst allemaal!
Ik had de laatste paar dagen veel plezier met het maken van kerstkaartjes! Aanschouw hier het resultaat 🙂
Onderaan deze post maakte ik een lijst met benodigdheden.







– Washi tape (I bought mine at several places, such as Pippoos and Hema)

– Black cards (AVA)

– White and gold pen (AVA)

– Card making supplies (snowflakes, christmas trees, santa’s, … => package from Zeeman a few years ago)

– The red, brown and white cards are from Hema

– Letter stamps from Hema

– I recycled the light brown and gold paper from gift wraps



– Washi tape (ik kocht de mijne op verschillende plaatsen, zoals Pippoos en Hema)

– Zwarte kaarten (AVA)

– Witte en gouden pen (AVA)

– De rode, bruine en witte kaarten komen van Hema (een pakje met 5×3 soorten kaarten)

Letterstempels (Hema)

De kerstmannetjes, kerstbomen, sneeuwvlokken, … komen uit een pakje met kaartmaak-versieringen, Zeeman, enkele jaren geleden

– Ik recycleerde het lichtbruine en gouden papier van de verpakking van cadeautjes.